Anti-ageing Perfect Complexion BB Cream SPF25

Correction, uniformity, radiance, antioxidant - All types of skins

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Product benefits:

  • Anti-oxidant protection
  • Smooth skin texture
  • Uniform complexion


All skin types


Make your complexion even more beautiful with this new generation zero defect cream!  Rich in antioxidant active ingredients, its formula combines the effectiveness of an anti-ageing treatment with the results of a facial. Thanks to its multi-action properties, imperfections and blemishes are erased and the epidermis is revitalised.  Naturally uniform, your skin is wrapped in freshness and radiates with beauty…



Active ingredients and properties:

Extract of burdock: tannins in burdock are known for their astringent effect on skin as they tighten the pores. The secretions help soothe irritated skin and have a moisturising effect...

Extract of dandelion: rich in fructan, it limits inflammation and oxidative stress responsible for ageing. Thanks to its detox action, it improves not only the shine of a dull complexion but also skin that has become rough or uneven due to external aggressions.

Polysaccharide obtained from the bacterial fermentation of natural sugars: rich in Fucose, this ingredient act as a film with hydrating, soothing, restructuring and sensorial properties, perfect for fighting against “inflam-ageing” and to help procure a feeling of well-being.

Vitamin E:  an excellent antioxidant, especially recommended for dry and mature skins. Helps maintain skin elasticity and hydration by strengthening the cutaneous hydrolipid film. Improves skin microcirculation.



Warm the BB cream between your fingers or on the back of your hand or apply directly to a clean, dry face after a day cream or serum. - For a shining, radiant effect, apply in light dabs with the tips of your fingers. - For more of a cover or foundation effect, apply a larger amount directly to the face and then spread the product using your fingers or a brush.

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