Who are we ?

Because well-being and beauty are intrinsically linked, Phyderma have developed ranges
of beauty products and food supplements adapted for your needs, for everyseason, all year long.
Based on objectivised natural active ingredients, different galenical forms have been
developed by pharmacists and nutritionists. Guarantees of innovation, quality and effectiveness,
Phyderma products meet every need the body may have. Hydration and toning, slimming and
nutrition or ageing skin ; you will find a wide and varied of treatments and programmes for the face,
the body and hair in the e-shop, which are specially targeted by age-group.
As sush, boost your vitality with an energy product, preserve the beauty of your hair with a food
supplement, or fight against the signs of saggings skin with a revitalising anti-age cream... Let
yourself be tempted by voluptuously rich textures combined with sensuous formula proposed
in the Phyderma e-Shop, to reveal and enhance your beauty and well-being !
Slimming and toning, anti-ageing of make-up removal ? Choose the programmes
that best suit you in terms of your skin needs and your beauty routine to make
your skin radiant. Illuminate your eyes with a caviar-based serum designed to
target either the first appearance of wrinkles or for deep lines, nourish your skin
with precious argan oil, or add suppleness and freshness to your face with
a moisturising cream composed of marine-based active ingredients. Combined with
cosmetic solutions, Phyderma food supplements help you give your body
the revitalising bath it deserves, one that is both reparative and renewing.
Strengthen your nails, relieve your legs or manage your weight whilst slimming down
your slihouette : because the body is subjected every day to challenges, boost your
energy from head to toe with Phyderma food supplement programmes.
Developed using natural active ingredients, at the same time optimising your sensory
comfort for a renewed daily well-being.
Phyderma is a brand specialising in cosmetic and beauty products and food supplements
founded on three key values : Innovation, Quality and Efficienty. Developed susing natural
active ingredients and objectivised active ingredients, the product ranges are adapted to suit your
needs throughout the seasons, for you to rediscover and maintain your well-being and beauty.
A range of highly technical products based on objectivised active ingredients. Our trademark
is committed to a responsible approach in offering your quality products designed with technical
sophistication at every stage of their development. Our ranges are created and developed
by pharmacists, biologists and chemists with an approach based on a research for the best natural
active ingredients, a combinaison of active ingredients and dosages having proved their action
thanks to scientific expertise. Our team works with scientific and regulatory studies, and most active
ingredients are objectivised. They are protected materials usually accompanied by certifications
and have been subjected to effectiveness studies.
In terms of labelling and composition, our products are rigorously checked before
they are released into the market by auditors, in full and strict compliance with
current European regulations. The European Decrees enable the quality of food
items and food supplements to be managed in a very exact way. They apply
to plants and to vitamins. As of now, a certain number of rules have been set up
by the European Commission ; concerning labelling, for example, a listing of
ingredients must contain all the nutrients, and the maximum daily dosage must
be clearly shown on the packaging.
Without wishing to substitute traditional medicine, our food supplements are part of a healthy approach, where the aim is to supplement
a balanced diet and to meet the needs of everyone : a boost with an energy product sush as Trinergetic,slimming aid sush as Duoslim 24,
or for the health and beauty of your hair and nails with Capillaire Nails and Hair.
Developer with technical expertise and in a compliance with standards, our ranges of food supplements are adapted to all your needs.
We propose 14 or 28 days programmes that are simple to follow and integrate into your daily life, to be renewed several times during the year,
with the dosage clearly marked on our packaging. In tablet, softgel or unicadose* form you will easily find the product that suits you best !

* The UNICADOSETM concept is based on a plastic unbreakable ampoule, making them safe and easy tp transport. They are environmentally friendly
as they can be recycle and can be easily opened without risk of cut for immediate consumption.